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Patio Stone Paving

Whether you need paving, natural stone (flagstone), decorative concrete, patio stone paving, stone veneer, custom patios, and driveways, Vancity Elite has you covered.  With our high level of knowledge and experience with paving and laying paving stone, we are a top choice in the industry.

Retaining Walls

If you’re looking for a functional or aesthetic retaining wall – look no further. Add one or more backyard retaining walls, transforming a dull area into a beautifully crafted landscape. Or, simply add garden retaining walls to your garden, keeping the soil well contained.

Perimeter Drains

Drainage systems are imperative for all homes, particularly in our climate with high amounts of rainfall. If you require any perimeter drain system installations, drain cleaning, drain maintenance, or waterproofing services for your property, call us now!


From the Valley and beyond to Vancouver Patio Stone Paving. Pave the way to your dream space now!

If you’re looking for patio stone paving companies, perimeter drain companies, or companies that excel at building retaining walls, you’ve come to the right place. Be prepared for your home value to increase when you improve your landscaping, or make any other long term improvements.

Vancity Elite Group is committed to providing you with the best service and amazing design. We are highly skilled and experienced contractors serving Vancouver to Maple Ridge, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam,  Port Moody, and more. We offer great rates and dependable quality service for several high demand services.

Our company is family owned and has been serving the Pacific Northwest for years. When it comes to patio paving, we have been producing high quality paving stone in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. Our experienced team is ready to help you with every aspect of the hardscaping process from planning and design, to helpful installation tips and tricks, enabling you to create an outdoor living space you will love for the years to come.

We have our pavers ready to go – patio pavers, driveway pavers, pool pavers, landscape pavers, and more. Plus we carry a massive selection of designs to suit your style. We strive to provide the highest quality of products with excellent customer service. Check out our gallery pages and outdoor living features then feel free to call us at 604-358-2022 to begin the process of creating your next amazing masterpiece.

Our concrete pavers structure the floor of your dream outdoor design in an interlocking concrete pavement system. Your floor will prove to be incredibly durable and resilient to the temperature range of the ever-changing climate. With styles ranging from smooth, modern linear to cobblestones to antique, and colours to suit almost any taste, Vancity Elite Group delivers style and durability in many applications. You name it – from pedestrian walkways and pool decks, to vehicular traffic like driveways, right up to industrial, emergency, and residential roads.

Retainig wall professionals in the Tri-Cities!

Once you’ve got the best patio stone paving in Maple Ridge, Tri-Cities and beyond, and your drain system is in check, you might want to think about further raising the value of your home or business by adding certain types of retaining walls to your property. We are one of the best when it comes to building a retaining wall… we offer garden retaining walls, cinder block retaining walls, backyard retaining walls, driveway retaining walls, and more!

Retaining walls are stabilizing structures used for holding back surrounding earth. There are many reasons for the construction of these special structures. Among them include: preventing erosion, aesthetic purposes, and stabilizing sloped yards.

Preventing Soil Erosion:  A retaining wall’s can prevent soil from eroding. The wall inhibits rainwater or water from irrigation activities from washing off soil from your property.

Stability: Landscaping a sloped garden poses a great challenge. The sloping causes lateral pressure that often pushes the movement of soil downwards. You will want to start building a retaining wall, which will redistribute and contain this pressure, which allows you to landscape without the soil sliding down.

Visual Interest: In order to create a visually attractive landscape, you will need Vancity Elite Group of Companies to build a retaining wall to hold back the earth. You could use the walls to create an artificial hill to enclose your garden, or build a functional surface area that allows you to implement your landscaping ideas.

The retaining walls can be built using a wide variety of materials. At Vancity Elite Group of Companies we are experts in building retaining walls using concrete pavers, which can be matched to walkway materials for a cohesive look. Contact us today to learn more about retaining wall construction in Langley and beyond.

There are four basic types of retaining walls:

  1. Gravity walls hold in earth by the weight of the wall material. They could be a stack of large rocks…They can fail easily, and should be used only for short slopes – 3 feet or less.
  2. Piling walls use long “piles” – or poles – that go deep into the soil as well as on top of it. The pilings can be made of metal or specialized lumber. They have an excellent capacity to hold back the soil.
  3. Cantilever walls are like piling walls. However, they get additional strength from an “arm” that extends back into the hill, increasing their capacity to steady the pressure.
  4. Anchored walls are the best type of retaining wall since they are the strongest. They can be combined with other techniques. An anchor is wrapped around the wall and has a base deeper into the hill, which provides the ultimate stabilization.


Retaining walls are hard-working structures that fight a constant battle against gravity, so consider many variables when developing them. You may need a professional to help you to assess the soil in the area you plan the wall. Also look at the climate and terrain – this will help you know if this is a weekend job for you, or whether you need professional help. Ask these questions:

  1. What is the slope? If it’s greater than a 3:1, landowners should always consult an engineer.
  2. How much frost and freezing will your wall – and the soil it’s holding – be subject to?
  3. What is the drainage like? If water will flow heavily on the wall and soil, you may need to add drainage.
  4. What type of soil do you have? A soil with heavy clay content will not drain well, but is also less prone to erosion. A sandy soil has the opposite characteristics.
  5. Are there any other structures next to the proposed site? What power will the wall have on the structures?
  6. Do you live in an area of where there are expected earthquakes? Will an earthquake engineer be needed to analyze the wall to make it extra resistant to earthquakes?

Don’t feel drained with a flooded basement! Get a Perimeter Drain with Vancity Elite Group now!


Once you’ve got your place all set with patio paving, you’ll also want to ensure that everything else in your home or business is under control, or in the best condition. One thing commonly ignored is drainage systems.

The average home contains many drains, and you’re probably familiar with most of them since they’re part of a sink, bathtub, or shower. There’s one type of drain you might not be as familiar with, though.

Your home’s perimeter drain system is a lesser-known, but very important, part of your plumbing system. It helps keep moisture out of your basement and it’s another system in your home that you should be aware of Here’s everything you need to know about perimeter drain systems, or weeping tile systems, including how to tell if something has gone wrong.


What is a perimeter drain system, or weeping tile system?

 Perimeter drain systems are also called weeping tile systems, and they’re very important for keeping your basement area free of any detrimental moisture. Every house has these drainage systems and they’re situated right outside the home. Rain, melting snow and rising groundwater all lead to more moisture being stored in the soils that surround your home’s foundation. If you are unaware or don’t take action, it leads to foundation problems and failures which causes numerous issues.

The design of a perimeter drain system draws water from within the soil that has amassed over time. The system then carries that water away from your home. As a result, water is less likely to trickle into your basement’s walls.

The perimeter drain itself is simply a perforated pipe with a mesh covering it, keeping soil out. Installed underground, it circles the perimeter of your home. Those small holes permit water to enter the pipe, where it can then be drained away from your home’s foundation. The pipe will be out of view — it’s covered in layers of gravel of different sizes and then back-filled with soil to help water flow toward your main sewage system, or storm drain. In older homes, clay or concrete weeping tiles are used for the same function.


How can I tell if there’s a problem with my perimeter drain system?

 There’s not much in the way of maintenance when it comes to these drainage systems, since everything is covered with dirt and gravel.

The most frequent issue with weeping tile involves the system becoming clogged with dirt, roots and other underground debris. When this happens, water can leak into your basement walls. If you notice water in your walls it’s time to call a skilled plumber. They’ll most likely have to do a little digging to reach the pipes.


Forget the hassle of a flooded basement… call us now to prevent it from happening!

Older homes that use clay or concrete weeping tiles to drain water are prone to extra problems as they age, and will usually become inoperative over time. In these cases, the whole system or damaged parts of the system might need a replacement. Sometimes, a system flush can fix blocked tiles that haven’t yet collapsed. Again, this is a job for a qualified professional — they’ll be able to explain your options so that your home stays moisture-free.

At Vancity Elite Group of Companies, we possess all the necessary tools and knowledge needed to provide you with a large variety of superior drain services. We employ a great team of highly skilled individuals who will ensure every aspect of your drain service or waterproofing installation goes according to plan.  If you need any perimeter drain system installations, drain cleaning, drain maintenance, or waterproofing services for your property in Vancouver to the Valley and beyond, we welcome you to call us today 604-358-2022.   We will always provide the lowest and most reasonable prices possible.  All of our services are top quality.